Grass-Fed Meats

Echo Valley Ranch is a family farm that focuses on producing grass-fed meats in the fresh country air and lush grasses of southern Ontario. Our animals have the privilege of living outdoors with their herd mates, eat a natural diet of grass, and are never injected with any hormones or antibiotics.

Enjoy the taste of our clean, wholesome grass-fed meats!

Grassfed Beef

Our Beef is both grass-fed and grass finished. Our calves are raised entirely on their mother’s milk, green grass, and hay (dried grass) when necessary, during the winter.

Pastured Pork

We keep our pigs outside so they can root around as pigs are designed to do. In the wild they would seek out nuts (such as acorns in oak forests) and seeds. We provide them with a GMO free, organically grown grain mixture to round out their diet. There is a real art to properly curing pork, and our butcher is certainly one of the best!

Pastured Chicken

Chicken on pasture consume about 30% of their diet as greens, passing on those health benefits in their meat. We only raise these chickens during the grass season, so we notify our customers when they are available. Chickens are naturally seed eaters, so we do have to supplement them with grain, which is GMO free, and organically grown.

If you have any questions related to our grass-fed meats, please feel free to reach out to us.

Where to find us?

Visit us on the farm or pickup right in your neighbourhood